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Dorothy Moreno has the vision and focuses to have one objective for her clients. That objective is to provide them with the pinnacle of professional consultation, procedures, and products for a look and feel that is second to none.

These results can be achieved by:

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….Meet our Newest Staff member Megan Williams…..

It is my please to introduce our newest associate, Megan Williams, AAS, LE, CPE.

Megan is a NJ licensed Electrologist and graduate of the Electrology Institute of New England, one of the best schools in the country and my favorite for their continuing education programs, Megan uses the most advanced Apilus computerized equipment that provides the most effective yet comfortable treatments available. She has received praise for her excellent technique, permanent results and a warm yet professional personality.

Special rates will apply during her introductory period, and appointments will be available with a shorter wait time for those who would like to make an appointment with Megan.